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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: [Why do people create virus'?]
A: [Before 2000 it seems that most virus makers were concerned with breaking peoples computers. In some way, the coder seemed to get pleasure from showing the world that he/she is smarter than Microsoft. Today's most common Virus's and Malware are aimed at retrieving your personal information for use in identity theft. Other common uses of malware are for the relay of spam for use in distributing a Trojan or virus. Compromising large numbers of PC's for use in denial of service attacks. ]

Q: [I have anti virus software and I still got a Trojan. How does this happen?]
A: [Most anti-virus software relies on virus definitions to weed out the bad files from your PC. Think of the anti-virus program on your PC as a policeman. Think of the virus definitions as a mug shot book. Think of the virus you just got as a new criminal that has never been caught committing a crime.

If your AV software doesn't know the file is a virus it won't stop it from running. Most AV software has a component that attempts to detect virus-like activity. This is akin to profiling suspects. And like that process, it is only right some of the time. ]

Q: [So how can I be safe from infection?]

A:[At this time there is no 100% effective way to prevent a virus from getting on your PC if you are connected to the internet and actively web surfing or getting email. All you can do is raise your awareness level. Avoid attachments to your email from unknown sources. Be aware of the sites you are visiting when doing a search, look for misspelled brand names.

[Q: Is it true that free music and movie downloads are all infected?]

A: [It's not true that all free downloads are infected. But it is well documented that free download sites are a common source of malware and Trojan infections. The old adage that you get what you pay for has never been more true. Think like a criminal for a moment. That pirated copy of a $20 movie or $400 program looks very enticing to even the most honest web-surfer. What a great place to slip in a Trojan!]

[Q: How can I make my computer go faster?]

[There are several ways to make a computer faster. First before buying any hardware we need to determine whether or not your PC is slow because of Hardware or Software. A system assessment should be done to determine the most cost effective route.]

[Q: Why do I need to secure/encrypt my wireless network?]

[A: You may not care that your next door neighbor is downloading  email through your wireless network. But you might be surprised to learn anyone in range of your wireless could gain access to your PC and it's files.]